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What is TopOrange all about

Antoniƫtta Sgherzi initially started TopOrange as a freelance web designer for small business owners. Born and raised in The Netherlands, but has lived abroad for 25 years.
During the time I lived in Canada, I carried out most of my web design projects. At present TopOrange still maintains websites for individuals and non-profit organisations.
On request, a new web design or re-design job will be taken on board.
The NIHB and GOED websites have been designed and are maintained by TopOrange, as well as the online communities for Dutch living abroad. The backoffice activities for the GOED foundation are performed voluntarily.
Other services TopOrange offers: research and surveys, white board animation, 2D videos, general IT and backoffice support.

Skills and expertise

While living in The Netherlands I worked at IBM, Esso, Shell, Digital/Philips and CMG in administration, IT support and as an IT Test consultant. Thereafter I’ve emigrated to France, Canada and last but not least England, before returning to my country of birth. During my time abroad me and my partner owned and managed businesses in Tourism and the Entertainment Industry, simultaneously I started TopOrange and worked as a freelance web designer.

Experience/Skills: Startups, front and backoffice services, MS Office, HTML/CSS/SQL, WordPress and Graphic Design.

Languages: English, French and Dutch

TopOrange can help you with research on living abroad, surveys and web projects.

  • Web Services
  • Surveys
  • Writing
  • Online communities

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