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With TopOrange my dedication goes beyond just providing services like web design, maintenance, animated videos, and research reporting. Every day, I’m fully immersed in the operational intricacies of NIHB, GOED Foundation, and Bath Holiday Suites.

But that’s not all – my newest endeavor, tailored with information for Dutch individuals returning to the Netherlands. The new website is a resource hub designed to facilitate proper transitions and empower our fellow Dutch citizens as they reintegrate into their homeland.

Excitement is brewing as I embark on this journey, stay tuned for the latest developments on! It’s a venture close to my heart, as I myself have returned, after living abroad for 30 years!

Nederlanders in het buitenland

Check out the thriving online community, connecting 20,000 Dutch individuals worldwide at My website is a rich resource hub, featuring stories and valuable information for Dutch expats or those planning to live abroad. Stay in the loop with a regular newsletter.

Join the dynamic Facebook group, where active Dutch members globally share their stories, experiences, and engage in discussions. Over the years, I’ve gained recognition as a well-established group and online organization. Notably, the Passport Campaign garnered attention from the press, politicians, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expanding our reach to a wider audience. It was the start of the foundation GOED

For updates, follow NIHB on my Facebook Page and Twitter account. Become a part of the NIHB community, where connections and support for Dutch expats thrive!


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City Centre of Bath.


Website created and managed by TopOrange: Bath Holiday Suites

Reservationsystem for self catered accomodation was created and is managed by TopOrange.









Founder of Stichting GOED (NGO) in January 2019. GOED safeguards the interests of Dutch people living abroad. Improve government services, detecting problems and suggesting solutions.


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