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Whiteboard and 2D animation videos

Want to make your presentations more engaging or keep your e-learning students attention? Perhaps you would like to boost your sales or promote a product? Send someone a thank you, good luck or birthday wish, with a personalised video? However you want to get your audience attention an animated video is a fun way, to get your story or message across. Available in Dutch, French and English (and possibly other languages).

What else does TopOrange do?


Writing Articles

About living abroad, political and social subjects for www.nihb.nl website and Stichting GOED. Also other websites, like the Wereldwijven.

The Web

Building and maintaining websites  for non-profit organisations and small businesses. Do you have a project? fill in the form below and we’ll discuss! 


Conducting research and connecting with thousands of respondents worldwide.


Supporting NGO – Grenzeloos Onder Een Dak. Improving the rights and services (Dutch gov.) for Dutch living abroad.


Founder of the online community – Nederlanders in het buitenland,  Dutch living abroad, with 20.000 members worldwide.

Press and media

Publications in newspapers, magazines and radio and TV interviews. Volkskrant, Telegraaf, Financieel Dagblad, NRC and radio. BNR, NPO radio and Omroep Max.

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Written Articles

Survey respondents

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