Our Webdesign

Fastloading and user Friendly

If you are looking for a professional, fast-loading website, where information is easily accessible to all visitors regardless of what they are using to access your site, you've come to the right place. Helpful navigation systems and consistent layout from page to page within the website will make your website visitors enjoy their experience while visiting.

Search Engine Friendly

Each website is constructed to take advantage of all the things the search engines like to see when visiting your small business website. Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is included with each small business web design through search engine friendly file names, image names and web page coding to help you get started on your search engine optimization program.

Valid Standard Coding

Each web page has a clean and stable code giving a firm foundation for current and future browsers and making your website ready for future web technologies.

External Stylesheets

Optimized background coding by using external stylesheets (CSS) for the web page formatting and minimal HTML coding making not only the web pages load quickly, the search engines and devices used to read web pages will not get caught up on bloated HTML coding.

Standard Included in your web design

  1. Analysis & planning
  2. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We try to use tableless design whenever possible and incorporate CSS for each design.
  3. Existing logo included.
  4. Re-sizing and enhancements of up to 10 images to suit the design.
  5. Links to other sites or pages, if requested.
  6. Contact form and google map for directions
  7. User friendly page navigation.
  8. SEO-friendly development
  9. Testing ⁄ QA
  10. Uploading to your hosting company web server (upon final payment).
  11. Submission to the popular main search engines.
  12. Minor alterations and updates to your web site for three (3) weeks after completion of work.

Online Instant Web Design Builders

Instead of hiring a webdesigner, you can always try and design a website yourself. There are many online instant web design builders with easy to use nice looking templates. They are user friendly and you can probably get a website up and running in a couple of days, no technical knowledge required, and no coding necessary. However there are also disadvantages, using an online web site builder.

  • You might find yourself restricted with what you can do with your website (from both a design and a functionality perspective). Now, of course it's possible that some site builders provide you with facilities to modify every aspect of your web pages. To do that, you will probably have to spend time learning the interface and working with it (or even around it) to accomplish your task. Often you have to upgrade to a "Premium" to add functionality.
  • If you decide to change hosting providers, if you think the web hosting provider is expensive or unreliable or for any other reason, there is a good chance you cannot transfer your website and you are locked in to their hosting. Meaning you will need to rebuild your website from scratch.
  • Besides changing a logo, colors and images, the templates will have hardly any flexibility to change the look and feel to

To summarize: online instant website builders are easy, quick and cheaper than hiring a web designer, however you will have less flexibility, less control and are likely tied up in a hosting contract.

Web Design Software

There are many webdesign software programs on the market. TopOrange mainly uses Adobe Creative Suite and MS Dreamweaver for coding and graphic design.MS Dreamweaver is the most comprehensive and powerful web authoring software on the market, and it has been for some time now. It's a WYSIWYG editor (“what you see is what you get”) with the capacity for hand-tooling your HTML in a separate editor window. If you are new to web design, there are cheaper and easier webdesign builders on the market, more suitable for the novice. You will save time, instead of handcoding in HTML, you can quickly and easily create web pages, with a few clicks of the mouse.

A disadvantage however, is that most of the generated HTML code is hard to read and usually doesn’t comply with Web coding standards, set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as the W3C. The other negative is that you will not be able to control the elements on the page as precisely as you can with straight HTML coding. 

Building a new website (or redesigning an existing one) isn’t a simple process. Because new websites can be time-consuming and difficult to build, many small business owners simply outsource the entire process to a web designer.  However, this can get pricey. You have to determine if it is worth investing the time or pay somebody else to do it. You have to question yourself a couple of things.

How tech/design savvy are you? If you don’t know a thing about HTML, CSS or Javascript, it is probably best not to try it yourself.

What’s your budget? Hiring a website designer is always going to be more expensive than doing it yourself, however TopOrange offers an affordable solution.

What do you want your website to become? Just a static content website, or do you envisage a massive ecommerce engine. Maybe you start of small, but want to build it up over time, then best is to built it on a framework that can easily grow, instead of having to re-built the site or transfer it from platform to platform over time.

How much time can you dedicate? If you are a small business owner, you know, time is money. You can decide to save the money and learn website design yourself – it can’t be that difficult, right?!  After slogging through coding, design tutorials or learning how to work with website builder software and platforms, you easily spend more than 40 hours of your precious time.