E-mail Marketing and Newsletters

Email marketing is a fully grown, cost-effective, and well-used tactic for business promotion via emails. Email marketing does not replace your other marketing activities but compliments them very well. A well run and good email marketing campaign can grow your client base and add to client loyalty.

Staying in touch with your clients is very important. You can reach out to all your clients at once, with a montlhy or quarterly newsletter, or just any time you have important news, product updates, events, special offers or anything else to share.

Email marketing comes with an ease of use for both the sender and the receiver, with a quick response time. Executing an email marketing campaign is simple with a service TopOrange offers. Sending out beautiful professional e-mail newsletters, check live reports and manage subscriber lists  We can design the newsletters for you, import your mailing list or you design them yourself with easy to use templates. You can even upload your very own newsletters, if you have the expertise to create them yourself.

What are you waiting for, businesses are continuing to grow their email lists and connecting with consumers through their newsletters. Don't stay behind.

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